A bold Filipino menu is on the way from San Francisco

“Menu choices are being tested with tasting parties at the Fort McKinley base, where they discovered the Pinoy Jambalaya didn't make the cut, but the Black Dulong was a "big hit." Already previewed dishes include "crispy pork sisig," longsilog, paella, escargot in spicy coconut milk and a Fort McKinley favorite dessert, bibingka soufflé. In recent weeks roasted herbed bone marrow and spinach noodle ramen soup have also been approved for Las Vegas"

Flavor Profile Magazine

Reviews from our TripAdvisor Community

“If you're in the Vegas area and are looking for good Filipino food - this is the place! The menu is small and simple (which I love) and the portions are huge and the food just tastes amazing. Everything is was cooked to perfection - you could tell with each bite that they knew Filipino food and cooked it right. They didn't try and venture off and make it fancy or more "americanized". It was straight up how it would taste back in the Philippines or when my parents cook!

Service was amazing - they really made sure we were happy and satisfied with our food and experience. This place is a must!


Endo Edibles

“Unable to resist fried plantains, the ripe fruit lent a gentle savory note here that was replaced by a crisp Shell plus sweet Chocolate Sauce in the Turon a la Mode served for dessert, attention was immediately diverted to a duo of plates that would prove amongst the best of the meal both in terms of size as well as portion, the sizzling Pork Belly Sisig served on cast iron quickly filling the air with a delectable aroma of Onions and Peppers while the Crispy Ham Hock was easily enough to be split by a family of four as the shattering skin gave way to the melted fat and collagen plus rich meat beneath it.

Endo Edibles



Cutting Board’s Filipino fusion spreads the love

"Also outstanding is the crispy pork sisig ($12)—crunchy, unctuous porky bits strewn with onions, served with a sunny side-up egg. Cut the richness with a side of the interesting java rice ($6) rife with turmeric and annatto. Another Filipino standard, chicken adobo ($10), could benefit from a hint more vinegar, but its pepperiness is addicting nonetheless. And with each gelatinous bite, the lengthwise-cut femurs deliver a revelation of bone marrow ($10) rivaling more expensive Strip presentations."


The Good Life.

“My ultimate favorite dish of the night was their version of Crispy Tadyang or super-tender Crispy Beef Short ribs that they served with a special house gravy. This dish really went well with their signature Adobo Rice."